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Exercise: Writing Dialogue with Differing Viewpoints

Three diverse friends, a businessperson, a humanitarian, and an artist, engaged in a lively discussion at a city café table, reflecting their distinct life paths.


Introduction: This exercise is designed to practice writing dialogue that reflects different viewpoints and personalities. The goal is to convey each character’s unique perspective and background through their spoken words, enhancing the depth and realism of the interaction.

Situation: In a bustling city café, three old friends meet after many years. Each has taken a drastically different life path: one has become a successful entrepreneur, another a dedicated humanitarian worker, and the third a passionate artist. They discuss their lives, dreams, and the paths not taken.

Writing Exercise: Write a dialogue among the three friends, making sure to reflect their differing worldviews and life experiences. Show how their personal backgrounds influence their speech patterns, choices of words, and topics of conversation.

Suggestions and Development:

  • Ensure each character's dialogue reflects their unique background and current lifestyle.

  • Incorporate subtle cues about their personalities through their speech, such as confidence, empathy, or creativity.

  • Introduce conflict or disagreement to explore how they handle differing opinions based on their personal experiences and values.

  • Use the setting of the café to introduce background noise and activity that may impact or interject into their conversation, providing a dynamic setting.


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