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Plots: Ardenium

Action, Adventure | Amazon rainforest, 2022.

Main characters.

Herry Lambert is a university professor, an expert in rare materials. He has a grumpy, standoffish, often arrogant personality. Dane Foster is his valuable and resourceful assistant. Carl and Ted are the researchers who work alongside Lambert. Two rather bizarre characters: the first is a raw vegan, a dance enthusiast, and a very sensitive man. The second is a bodybuilder, very muscular and touchy. The four have worked together for years, united and fascinated by their professor's expertise. However, it seems that material science has nothing more to reveal.

The call to adventure

Dick Biden heads a multinational corporation that funds the university where Lambert teaches. A sizable portion of the funds goes precisely to the professor's laboratory and research. Dick notes that the company has discovered that some Amazonian peoples use a very rare material for ornamental purposes: ardenium. He promises a huge sum to the university if Lambert agrees to research and investigate how the indigenous people obtain the material.

The conflict

The professor and his assistants refuse to leave for an investigation that they feel is anthropological and not pertinent to their sphere, but the threat of being fired forces them to retrace their steps. The group sets off for Brazil and quickly gets the impression that the purpose of the mission is unclear. Moreover, the secrecy with which Dick Biden's men run the operation seems exaggerated. It will take little to realize that the real objective of the expedition is not to study the uses but to investigate the presence of the deposit, which is not detectable with technological instruments.

The key

For Lambert and his group to reach the interior of the Amazon rainforest is a difficult undertaking. Once they arrive at the village they are met with distrust by the inhabitants. A few trials and demonstrations of courage and generosity by Lambert and his people will change the situation, creating a relationship of strong friendship and esteem with the natives. As a result of the trust gained, Lambert will learn that Ardenium has a healing and rejuvenating power never previously observed in other substances. In addition, Lambert understands that Biden's plans involve getting rid of the local populations through large-scale fires, so as to seize the land with the help of corrupt politicians. The only way to safeguard the villages is to get the news to Michael, Dane's journalist boyfriend, who will spread the information to the world.

The alternatives

The strength of this genre is the imagination of the adventure, that is, the incredible trials that the characters must face. The construction of an alternative must keep this element in mind. After that, one can indulge and turn the trip to the Amazon into an archaeological expedition along the Nile or a scientific quest in Patagonia. The important thing is to study the context and its particularities. Moreover, the same adventure written in the past can gain additional exotic appeal. Imagine, for example, a caravan headed into the African jungle in the mid-19th century.


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