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Writing Exercise - Third Person Limited Point of View

A young artist in their studio, surrounded by paintings and art supplies. The artist looks focused and thoughtful as they work on a painting, the studio filled with the warm light of lamps and the atmosphere of creative energy mixed with anxiety.


Introduction: This exercise focuses on writing from a third-person limited point of view, where the narrator has insight into the thoughts and feelings of only one character. This perspective allows for a deep exploration of that character's inner world while maintaining an external viewpoint.

Situation: A young artist is preparing for their first solo exhibition. They are in their studio, putting the finishing touches on their paintings and grappling with self-doubt and anxiety about the upcoming event.

Writing Exercise: Write a scene from the third-person limited point of view, focusing on the artist as they work in their studio. Explore their thoughts, feelings, and the physical actions they take as they prepare for the exhibition.

Suggestions and Development:

  • Delve into the artist's inner thoughts and emotional state.

  • Describe the setting and atmosphere of the studio.

  • Use physical actions to show the character's nervousness or confidence.

  • Balance internal monologue with external actions and descriptions.


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