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Writing Exercise - Second Person Point of View

dark forest with man who walks in the middle

Introduction: This exercise aims to practice writing from a second-person point of view. This perspective directly addresses the reader, making them the protagonist of the story. It's a powerful way to create an immersive and personal narrative experience.

Situation: You are walking through a dense forest at dusk, trying to find your way back to your campsite. The path is unclear, and strange sounds echo around you. You feel a mix of fear and determination as you navigate through the unfamiliar terrain.

Writing Exercise: Write a short narrative in the second-person point of view, describing your journey through the forest and your efforts to find the campsite. Focus on the sensory details and the emotions you experience along the way.

Suggestions and Development:

  • Use vivid descriptions to engage the reader's senses.

  • Build tension by highlighting the uncertainty and challenges of the journey.

  • Reflect on the character's inner thoughts and fears.

  • Maintain a consistent second-person perspective throughout the narrative.


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