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Writing Exercise - Objective Point of View

A family sitting at a dinner table in a home, engaged in a heated discussion. The parents and teenage children have tense body language and expressive faces, indicating the serious nature of their conversation. The room is warmly lit, with a cozy yet strained atmosphere


Introduction: The objective point of view, also known as the "fly-on-the-wall" perspective, requires the writer to describe scenes without revealing any characters' thoughts or feelings. This exercise will help you practice conveying emotions and story developments through actions and dialogue alone.

Situation: A tense family dinner is taking place. The parents are trying to discuss a serious issue with their teenage children, but the conversation quickly becomes heated. Each family member reacts differently to the situation.

Writing Exercise: Write the scene from an objective point of view, describing the actions, dialogue, and physical reactions of the family members without revealing their internal thoughts or feelings.

Suggestions and Development:

  • Focus on body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice.

  • Use dialogue to reveal character dynamics and conflicts.

  • Describe the setting and atmosphere to enhance the tension.

  • Ensure the reader can infer emotions and motivations through actions and interactions.


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