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Writing Exercise: Emotional Description

A nostalgic scene of a protagonist standing in a dimly lit, old family house. The room is filled with antique furniture, dusty bookshelves, and family portraits on the walls. Sunlight filters through partially closed, aged curtains, casting long shadows and highlighting dust particles in the air. The protagonist appears contemplative, immersed in thoughts and emotions triggered by the surroundings. The atmosphere evokes both warmth and melancholy, rich with memories.


Introduction to the exercise and its purpose:

This exercise focuses on the ability to describe an environment through the character's emotions. The goal is to use emotional feelings to enrich the description and engage the reader on a deeper level.


The protagonist has just arrived at an old family home that he has not visited in years. Each room evokes different memories and feelings.

Writing exercise:

Describe a room in the house from the protagonist's point of view, emphasizing the emotions and memories it evokes. Integrate these emotions into the physical description of the environment.

Suggestions and exercise development:

  • Use sensory descriptions that reflect the protagonist's emotions (a room may seem brighter if it evokes happy memories, or darker if it evokes sadness).

  • Integrate specific details that recall particular memories (an old toy, a photograph, a familiar smell).

  • Pay attention to the tone of the narrative, which should reflect the protagonist's emotions.


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