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Writing exercise: Description of an Imaginary Place

A black and white scene of a protagonist exploring an ancient underground city discovered during an archaeological expedition. The city is filled with towering stone structures, intricate carvings, and mysterious pathways illuminated by the protagonist's flashlight. Shadows and light interplay to create a sense of wonder and mystery. The protagonist's expression shows awe as they navigate the labyrinthine city, encountering remnants of a lost civilization. The atmosphere is both eerie and fascinating, with the details of the architecture and artifacts bringing the ancient city to life.


Introduction to the exercise and its purpose:

This exercise aims to develop the ability to describe an imaginary place in a way that feels real and tangible. The goal is to create a fantastical but believable setting, engaging the reader through detailed and sensory description.


The protagonist explores an ancient underground city, discovered by chance during an archaeological expedition. The city is full of wonders and mysteries.

Writing exercise:

Describe the underground city from the protagonist's point of view, using a combination of senses and imaginative details. Create a place that feels alive and fascinating.

Tips and development of the exercise:

  • Use detailed visual descriptions to build the image of the city (architecture, lighting, colors).

  • Integrate sounds (echoing footsteps, water drops) and smells (moss, ancient dust) to enrich the environment.

  • Describe the protagonist's physical sensations (the humidity of the air, the coolness of the subsoil).

  • Use the protagonist's intuition and emotions to suggest the mysteries and hidden stories of the city.


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