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Plots - The Professor

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A vintage black and white photograph depicting Professor Oreste Bianchi, an older man with a gruff demeanor, walking away from a small train station in a quaint Italian town. In a separate part of the town, the image subtly captures his secret acts of kindness, such as handing money to a needy individual in a busy urban setting. The photograph captures the contrast between his public perception and his private generosity, reflecting an early 20th-century aesthetic.

Plots - Drama, comedy | Italy

Main characters

The protagonist of the story is Professor Oreste Bianchi, a gruff and lonely old math teacher who lives in a small town a few miles from Genoa. Although he is highly regarded for his brilliant academic career, Professor Bianchi is hated by almost all his fellow villagers because of his surly attitude and brusque manner.

Every day Professor Bianchi takes the train to Genoa, arousing the curiosity and gossip of his neighbors, who wonder what a man like him could be doing there. In reality, the professor is devoted in great secrecy to roaming the city to meet people in need and help them with his money, the fruit of a long career and wise investments.

The call to adventure

One day, Professor Bianchi meets a young woman named Laura, who lives in extreme poverty with her two children. Laura, unlike the others, is not frightened by the professor's gruff character and can sense his great sensitivity and generosity.

Thus begins a friendship between the professor and Laura, which leads him to confide in her the secret of his philanthropic actions. As time passes, the professor helps several people, including an unemployed musician, an ex-convict seeking redemption, and an immigrant family fleeing the war.


Despite the dramatic theme, the story is told with delicacy and irony, highlighting the human and sensitive side of Professor Bianchi and the people he helps. The episodes of his daily life and charitable actions are told with a light and often humorous tone, which makes the story enjoyable and engaging.

The key

Professor Bianchi dies suddenly, leaving the town in shock. During his funeral, fellow villagers who detested him for his ways discover, in disbelief, the truth about his actions: the church fills with strangers who arrive to pay their respects to the man who helped them selflessly and generously.

The ending of the story shows how Professor Bianchi, despite being despised and misunderstood by his community, left an indelible imprint on the lives of many people, proving that behind a gruff and grumpy exterior can hide a generous and selfless heart.



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