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Plots - The colors of the Ganges

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 An elderly Indian man dressed in red sits on a boat on the Ganges River, with the backdrop of traditional Indian buildings.

Plots - Introspective; psychological| Rome, 2019

Main characters

Abbey Donovan is a single, cynical woman, disinterested in love and devoted solely to her passion: art. She is one of America's leading experts, a dealer in precious works, recognized and appreciated in the antiques business.

No one knows her secret: her wealth is determined by trading in stolen works. Henry Shy is an elderly FBI detective nearing retirement. He is highly suspicious of the woman, has been after her for years but has no proof.

The call to adventure

Abbey is called to the National Museum in New Delhi to appraise a famous work of art, but in reality a well-known smuggler has contacted her to carry out a trade. Henry hears about the meeting and intervenes with the local police. For Abbey, things escalate. She is recognized and injured, yet manages to escape capture.

The conflict

Lost in the capital, Abbey is rescued by a stranger who welcomes her into his humble home. Arjun is an elderly breadwinner, living with the many family members from the little they manage to make from the small jobs in which they all engage. Yet he does not hesitate for a moment to take charge of the woman and care for her.

Abbey is welcomed as a relative, but she is not grateful. She is prey first to anger and then to despondency. She can never return to her homeland and has lost everything: money and reputation. She thinks of ending it all, but Arjun and Darika, her daughter, manage to put her off.

The key

The relationship between two cultures and two antipodal ways of looking at life: enrichment at all costs, self-interest, the need for luxury, versus the ability to share the essentials and be happy with little.

Abbey will discover the India of welcome and smiles thanks to Darika. And Arjun's family will pledge to protect her even when Henry manages to track her down. With unexpected help, the woman will discover the human side of herself that she did not think she possessed.

The alternatives

This plot is easily modified. Places, characters, and era can be changed. The main goal is to compare two different cultures, with a protagonist who changes his way of evaluating the world, beginning to appreciate even what has hitherto seemed distant and detestable to him.

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