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Plots - The Black Sun

A science fiction image shows an astronaut atop a relief as a green sun-like planet plummets before him.

Urban fantasy | Rome, 2022

Main characters

For millennia, two otherworldly civilizations have been vying for dominance on Earth unbeknownst to its inhabitants: the Eak who hide beside humans and feed on their happiness, and the Mok who instead become powerful by absorbing their pain, particularly that of death. Neither extraterrestrial civilization has any esteem for the planet's inhabitants; they represent only a form of livelihood, a food. Eak and Mok struggle to influence the decisions of Earthlings so that wars or peace prevail. Eak and Mok are enemies, but they cannot clash on Earth lest they reveal themselves. Makye is an Eak, a warrior trained in the art of silent assassination. Rakot is a powerful magical fighter from the Mok ranks.

The call to adventure

Signs of an ancient prophecy have appeared: the Redeemer, the one who will reveal to humans the existence of the two otherworldly civilizations and lead them to liberation, is about to be born. For the first time in the history of the Eak and Mok, an alliance is needed to enable them to identify the Redeemer and kill him. The task is entrusted to Makye and Rakot.

The conflict

The coexistence of Makye and Rakot is most difficult, the hatred that has separated the two civilizations for millennia brooding within them. Even the best interest cannot calm the aggressive spirits. Things get worse when they realize they are not the only ones seeking the Redeemer: John Deville, an Earth billionaire, is in possession of esoteric knowledge and information that has enabled him to reconstruct the history of the Eak and Mok. And Deville has the same goal as them.

The key of plot

On the trail leading to the Redeemer, Makye and Rakot clashed several times with Deville's men. The billionaire has weapons and magical technology that esoteric knowledge has enabled him to develop. Soon the clash extends. Deville demonstrates the situation to Earth's governments and a grand alliance is born. The war sets the whole world on fire. The destructions greatly weaken the Eak. For the Moks it is a chance to get it all: the eternal pain of the Earthlings and the defeat of the Eak. But when it seems they are about to prevail, the Redeemer reveals himself: he is the son Makye and Rakot, the only immortal in whom resides the perfect balance of good and evil.

The alternatives

The creation of fantasy or science fiction stories needs great care in defining new worlds, their relationships, and overall coherences. It is necessary to delve into details and build credible universes. In this way, Makye and Rakot could become alien beings, angels or demons, vampires, special beings. Shifting place or time is as simple as creating subplots.


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