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Plots - The Bite of the Cold

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Three polar explorers in heavy winter gear conduct research in the Arctic. They are equipped with scientific instruments like GPS devices and ice drills. The background features a vast, snowy landscape under a clear blue sky, captured with the sharp focus and depth typical of a photograph taken with a Leica 35 mm camera at f/1.4.

Plots - Adventure, drama | Arctic

Main characters

The main character, Elin, is a young Norwegian climatologist working on a research project in the Arctic Circle. She is passionate about her work and wants to contribute to the fight against climate change, but fears the immensity and isolation of the Arctic regions. The antagonist, Viktor, is another scientist on the crew, an ambitious Russian geologist who seeks a career in his field, but his methods and ethics are questionable.

The other main figures in the novel are Sven, a Swedish engineer specializing in technologies for extreme environments, and Aila, a Finnish marine biologist studying the effects of global warming on marine ecosystems.

Before the plane crash, the group of scientists work together in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect, although there are underlying tensions due to the different personalities and goals of the team members.

The call to adventure

During a return flight from their research base, the team of scientists suffers a plane crash due to a sudden storm. Fortunately, some team members survive the impact, including Elin, Viktor, Sven, and Aila. Finding themselves trapped on a drifting iceberg, the group must act quickly to find a way to save themselves before it is too late. Elin, being the natural leader of the group, finds herself having to make difficult decisions to ensure the team's survival.

However, she is initially reluctant to take responsibility because of her fear of failing and putting her colleagues' lives at risk. Overcoming her fear, Elin realizes that leadership and cooperation are critical to the survival of the group and decides to take the lead.


At the heart of the novel, the group faces two main challenges. The first challenge is finding food, water, and shelter to survive the extreme conditions of the Arctic. During this struggle, the characters will come across a Nazi plane that also crashed decades earlier. Inside is a cargo of gold bars. The second challenge involves managing internal conflicts among the group members, particularly between Elin and Viktor, as both have conflicting ideas about how to use the treasure and the limited resources available to them.

The climax of the novel occurs when Elin and the group must make a crucial decision: try to take the treasure with them in hopes of saving themselves or focus solely on survival, leaving the treasure behind. In the course of the challenges, the group learns to overcome their differences, work together, and make sacrifices for the common good. Elin demonstrates her courage and determination to make difficult decisions, while the other characters grow and evolve as they face their internal conflicts and fears.

The Key

In the novel's finale, the group makes the difficult decision to leave the treasure behind, focusing on survival and the importance of their human lives. As they struggle to find a way off the drifting iceberg, Elin and the team manage to make contact with a nearby research station through an old communication apparatus that Sven repairs.

The twist comes when, just before rescue arrives, the iceberg begins to break apart due to global warming and ocean currents. The group is forced to separate and seek shelter on different sections of the iceberg that are breaking apart. Elin and Aila are rescued by the rescue team, while Sven and Viktor are on another section of the iceberg that unfortunately strays from the rescue team's course.


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