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Plots - Bob's Eyes

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A long-haired, blue-eyed dog named Bob stands prominently in a dimly lit urban street. The background is softly blurred, focusing attention on Bob's expressive eyes and rugged features. Gentle street lights cast a glow around him, highlighting his status as a beloved neighborhood figure. The scene conveys mystery and intrigue, fitting for a modern fairy tale set in a city.

Plots - Modern fairy tale; fantasy | New York, 2022

Main characters

Bob is a half-breed dog with long hair and blue eyes. The street is his kingdom. He is an ugly dog, but good-natured and loved by the neighborhood shopkeepers who always reserve some treat for him. Even children from the nearby elementary school know him and love to play with him despite the distrust of some mothers.

The call to adventure

One day Bob while trying to make his own a morsel blocked by some crates causes them to topple over. The crates crash down on him, hitting him and leaving him stunned. Some bystanders, including a child, rescue him. When Bob recovers, he discovers to his surprise that he can understand the language of the humans around him: he is able to hear the most confidential conversations and act accordingly.

The conflict

After the accident Bob limps away and little Samuel takes him home and cares for him. Mom is not very happy to have an animal for home but accepts him to make her son happy. Unfortunately, in the evening upon the return of John, the woman's partner, things get complicated.

The man ties the dog to the chain. From outside the house Bob overhears conversations between John and some of his cronies: they plan to steal all the woman's possessions and then burn down the house so that John can take the insurance money from the companion as well and then flee. Bob is frightened by John and his wickedness, but he cannot abandon the child who saved him.

The key

Bob takes on the task of protecting Samuel and his mother, but being a dog it is a most difficult task. When he finds some loot in the basement that John has hidden he realizes that maybe there is a chance: he has to call the attention of the neighborhood policeman, but John in the meantime is preparing to set the little house on fire! He must hurry and do everything right, and Samuel's help will be indispensable to him.

The alternatives

Modern fairy tales, like ancient ones, are based on happy endings and morals. The pattern of this structure is based on an impossible subject (Bob including dialogue) and a danger known to the reader to be averted by exploiting a positive human feeling (example: trust).

By changing these ingredients, the result does not change and always results in a beautiful fairy tale. Bob can become a cat, a teddy bear washer, a Peruvian quarry, and Samuel can be a Parisian teenager, a Peruvian boy, a Chinese girl. Have fun changing characters and eras and add conflict to their story: a working mother, a family with eviction, an elderly grandmother to care for. How spices will spice up your story.


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