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Plots -Aithne's Dream

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Plots - Fantasy, adventure, dreamlike

Main characters

The novel is set in the world of Aithne, a place where reality and dreams intertwine, creating a fantastic and unpredictable universe, and tells the story of Lysander, a young dreamer and adventurer who lives in the quiet village of Elara, located on the edge of the world of Aithne.

Lysander is gifted with a special gift: the ability to enter other people's dreams and interact with them. He lives a modest life, helping the villagers solve problems related to their dreams.

Meanwhile, in the heart of Aithne's world lives Aradia, a princess from an unknown kingdom who harbors a dark secret: she is trapped in an endless dream, seemingly with no way out. Her only hope for salvation is Lysander, the only one who can penetrate her dream and free her.

The call to adventure

One day, Lysander receives a mysterious vision that guides him to Aradia and its unknown realm. Intrigued and intrigued, Lysander embarks on a journey through Aithne's world in search of the princess and her captive dream.

Lysander's inner conflict emerges during his journey: although he wishes to help Aradia, he fears losing his identity and his life in the village of Elara. Meanwhile, Aradia struggles with her growing sense of isolation and fear that she will never be able to wake up from her nightmare.


As Lysander progresses on his journey, he faces numerous challenges, including fantastic creatures, puzzles, and dream mazes. Two specific examples of these challenges are fighting a dragon that guards an ancient talisman needed to enter Aradia's dream and solving a riddle that reveals the key to freeing Aradia from the spell that holds her captive.

The climax of the novel occurs when Lysander, after passing all the tests, finally manages to penetrate Aradia's dream and reveal the secret behind her imprisonment.

The Key

The novel's ending presents an unexpected twist: Lysander discovers that the world of Aithne and the kingdom of Aradia are actually the fruit of a collective dream created by the inhabitants of Elara, who have united to imagine a fantasy world in which to take refuge from the harsh reality of their daily lives.

With this revelation, Lysander and Aradia realize that their only hope to free Aradia and restore normalcy to the world of Aithne is to awaken the collective dream and make the inhabitants of Elara face their problems and fears in reality.

Lysander and Aradia join forces to help the villagers understand the power of their dreams and use it to deal with the difficulties of real life. After solving the village's problems and awakening the collective dream, Aithne's world returns to normal, and Aradia is freed from her dream imprisonment.

Throughout the story, Lysander learns the importance of finding the balance between dreams and reality, while Aradia discovers the value of freedom and responsibility. Both characters grow and evolve, taking with them the lessons learned during their adventure in the dream world.

The novel ends with Lysander and Aradia deciding to stay together, uniting their destinies and pledging to use their gifts to help the villagers of Elara and the kingdom of Aradia create a better future that is more balanced between dreams and reality.



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