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Plots - Aegean

greek town with blu sea

Plots - Adventure | Greece

Main characters

The main character, Sofia, is a 20-year-old girl born and raised on the Greek island of Citerinos.

The other main figures include Nikos, a young scholar who is passionate about local history, and Katerina, a wise old woman on the island who knows many stories and legends.

Sofia is curious and resourceful, with a great love for nature and the history of her island. Unfortunately, the island is in deep crisis, many are leaving and there are fewer and fewer tourists. This is because it has no drinking water sources and the absence of rainfall is deforesting it and making agriculture impossible to practice.

Meanwhile, Sofia wishes to discover the secret behind a local legend about a hidden treasure. Her greatest fear is being trapped in the monotonous life of the almost lifeless island, moreover without finding out what lies behind the legend.

Because of her incredible passion, she is teased by the islanders, who are worried about far more serious things. Her parents are also desperate about the girl's obsessive attitude, dissuading her from dating Nikos and Katerina.

The antagonist, Dimitri, is an unscrupulous businessman whose company is on the verge of bankruptcy. He arrives on the island in the company of a couple of investors to deceive in order to turn around the fortunes of his own company.

Sofia lives a quiet life on the island, helping her parents in their small grocery store, while Nikos and Katerina live their lives immersed in the island's past.

The call to adventure

Sofia during her research on the rocky slopes of her island, following enigmatic text clues, discovers an ancient artifact that seems to be connected to the treasure legend.

This discovery prompts her to venture into the heart of the island to unlock its secrets. Initially, however, Sofia is torn between the desire to discover the truth and the fear of endangering herself and her family as a curse is mentioned. After sharing her find with Nikos and Katerina, she decides to embark on the journey to find the treasure, facing her inner conflict.


Throughout the novel, Sofia faces several challenges. The first is to decipher the clues and ancient symbols that will guide her to the hidden treasure. Dimitri, meanwhile has found out about the protagonist's investigations and decides to follow her to take advantage of her eventual discoveries.

The climax occurs when Sofia discovers the entrance to a secret cave that conceals the treasure, but realizes that Dimitri is hot on her trail.

The key

In the novel's finale, Sofia manages to trick Dimitri into falling into a trap inside the cave. Twist of fate: the treasure is not material, but it is an underground water source with extremely powerful characteristics, valuable on nature, man, and the environment.

Sofia understands that the true value of this discovery lies in its ability to restore hope to her entire community, not through money, but through the possibility of continuing to live on her own island. Meanwhile, Dimitri's two investors, understanding the man's true intentions, abandon him to his failure. And so the antagonist will decide to work in Sofia's parents' store as a salesperson.


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