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Plots: One hundred more sunrises

Drama; family | Springfield, 1960

Main characters.

Eddy and Mary are the owners of a ranch in Missouri. They have seven children, three boys and four girls. Robert is the oldest and recently turned eighteen, while the younger triplets are two years old. Eddy and Mary are helped by old Jack, a trustworthy man, a grouchy and stubborn handyman, and Miss Loren, the housekeeper, a skilled cook but also a strict and uncompromising woman. All are busy running the family business, but for the teenage children the typical problems of the age begin. However, Eddy and Mary, amidst ups and downs, manage their children as best they can. Malcolm Bull is the confined landowner who has had his eye on Eddy and Mary's property for many years, without ever being able to purchase it.

The call to adventure

One bad day, Eddy and Mary are involved in a car accident and lose their lives. For the seven children, the world falls apart. Everything changes, especially for Robert the eldest. However, he will be able to count on old Jack and Miss Loren.

The conflict

For the boys, finding a new balance and stability will not be easy. Each with his own character will risk becoming divisive rather than uniting. In particular, it will be most difficult for Robert who will be forced to become an adult immediately by taking on the responsibilities of the ranch and the family. In particular, it will be the three little twins who will cause the most concern.

The key

The wisdom of Old Jack and Miss Loren will be key in guiding Robert and the young orphans as they grow up. Malcolm's pressures seem to make Robert relent, who seems overwhelmed by daily problems. But two unexpected events will change the outlook: Malcom's eldest son falls in love with Robert's sister, and a tornado will devastate Malcom's property who will be forced to ask Robert for help. And from the joining of forces, the foundation for a great new family will be laid.

The alternatives

The plot lays its foundation on the major conflicts that life sometimes asks us to face: an unexpected responsibility, dealing with something we are not ready for, and the need to respond to external pressures as well. Characters grow and change following the new needs that are imposed. Everything can be changed with this scheme: number of siblings, relationships with neighbors, places, time.


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