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Plot - The Light of Argon

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Technological plot depicting a close-up shot of a futuristic chip

Literary plot genre: Sci-Fi; Adventure | Boston, 2022.

Main characters.

James and Lucas are 16 years old and attend an urban high school in Boston. They are two nerds, passionate about video games. They spend their free time online challenging other teens to Sci-Fi role-playing games and are among the strongest gamers on the web.

On another timeline, 300 years in the future, Prince Argon II tries to defend Earth from attacks by the Trevangers, an alien population that covets the planet. Leading the Earth troops are the prince's two daughters, Argen and Argael.

The call to adventure

Argon II is losing the war. The Trenvangers have mapped Earthlings' behaviors and can anticipate every decision. There is no solution: whatever plan is devised, the enemy's huge orbiting computer has already included it among the possible scenarios and cancels it. Even attacking the satellite station is impossible.

But Argen and Argael come up with a crazy solution: go back in time and find two earthlings who have a chance to help Argon II win the last battle. The prince's daughters perform the time jump to 2022 and identify among the gamers the most suitable category for the purpose. And among them James and Lucas are the best.

The conflict

The girls introduce themselves to James and Lucas as peers with similar interests. The two are bewitched by them, but they are also unable to handle the situation: they have never been with girls. The two princesses try to win the boys' trust, and when they feel they are ready they reveal the truth to them.

James and Lucas are first incredulous and kick the peers out of the house, but when they show up again showing real powers, technology, and a film of what is happening in the future the two friends realize that they are not lying: they need their help. However, it is not easy to abandon family, friends, and school to embark on a journey to an unknown future.

The key

Having arrived in the future James and Lucas are greeted by Argon with great relief, but the same cannot be said of his generals. None among them believe that the plan has a chance of success. There are also those who sympathize, and for James and Lucas the amazement at discovering the future is soon replaced by concern about responsibility. Scrutinized with suspicion, it is not easy for the two friends to live with the new situation.

Soon they are called upon to rule the forces of Argon. James and Lucas bring to bear their gamer skills, unfamiliar and unpredictable to the Trevangers, but the task proves more complex than expected, and in the first battle they are defeated. They do not understand why, until the princesses discover that one of the generals is a traitor in the service of the Trevangers.

Having restored order in the next major battle James and Lucas lead the Argos troops to victory and knock out the great calculator. It is time to return home, with the glory and rewards, the burgeoning love for the princesses Argen and Argael, may lead to a different choice.

The alternatives

Sci-Fi plots that interweave multiple timelines can find their alternatives in simple ways: by changing the characters (they could be adults) or the motivations (an overthrown government/natural disaster). The same concept of can easily translate into fantasy where I suggest you create distant kingdoms and connecting portals. In either case you can choose to start in the fantasy or futuristic world, or start already ahead in time. Finally, do not underestimate plots completely shifted into the past or genres such as Steampunk.


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