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Plot - The Last Scene

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Introspective; psychological| Rome, 2019

Main characters

Carlo is a theatrical actor who is famous, charismatic, and whose prowess is recognized in artistic circles. He is young, dashing, strong, single, and loves to surround himself with young lovers. Carlo hides a secret: he has a gambling habit, for which he has lost every possession, although he continues to live in a luxury he cannot afford. Laura is a woman who has lost the charm of youth, in constant conflict with her self-image. She has married a very rich man who neglects her and cheats on her without making a secret of it.

The call to adventure

At yet another betrayal discovered by Laura, her husband denigrates her and orders her to stay in her place, quietly, if she wants to maintain her status. The woman's anger fuels a feeling of resentment. Meanwhile, Carlo is attacked by loan sharks for an unpaid debt and finds himself unconscious, late at night, near the Tiber. The first to notice his body and rescue him will be Laura herself.

The conflict

Laura wants revenge and to redeem herself against her husband by taking his wealth from him, hoping that the money will make her a free woman. Carlo feels finished, caught between debt and vice, unable to return to the scene. From their meeting a deadly partnership is born: Carlo overcoming initial hesitations lends himself to murder Laura's husband. The woman will reward him by settling his debts.

The key

Carlo and Laura are two characters full of conflicts, contradictions, and fears, unable to recognize their own limitations and find viable alternatives for themselves. The meeting of the two shapes a partnership without foundations: they are both losers who look to the other for a solution to their inadequacies. The plan is simple: Charles will run over Laura's husband as he walks across the street, so the murder will be disguised as an accident with minimal consequences for the killer. But he fails and crashes in turn. Investigation will unravel the plot and both will be arrested.

Plot alternatives

There are plots that, like this one, do not have happy endings. It tries to change the gender of the characters, their professions, the era of setting, but it careens to feed their fears and phobias, to make them controversial, ambiguous. Let a weak side, a vice, an aspect emerge that compromises the future and forces them to realize a partnership. Finally build an opportunity so that they can become allies in a mistaken pact.


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