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Plot - The House of Jin

A red lantern is photographed in the foreground at night. In the background other red lanterns create a long gila.

Plot - Adventure | China

Main characters

The main character, Jin, is a young fisherman living in a small Chinese village. His life is quiet and simple, but inside him burns a desire to explore the world and discover new cultures. Jin is a curious and intelligent boy, but he is also afraid to leave the security of his village life. The antagonist, Shu, is the village headman, a charismatic man of advanced age who exerts absolute control over the villagers. Shu is convinced that the village is the only safe place in the world and wants to keep its inhabitants isolated from the outside world. The other main figures in the novel are Mei, Jin's love interest, and the wise elder, Lao, who becomes Jin's mentor.

The call to adventure

One day, a mysterious figure arrives in the village, bringing with him a map indicating the location of an ancient lost city. Jin is fascinated by the possibility of adventure, but Shu is determined to destroy the map and maintain the village's isolation. Jin steals the map before Shu can destroy it, but initially refuses to act for fear of the consequences and Shu's reaction. Jin's fear is overcome through the encouragement of Lao and Mei, who convince him to follow his heart and embark on the journey to find the lost city.


At the heart of the novel, Jin faces two main challenges. The first challenge is overcoming his own inexperience in the outside world and learning to survive in hostile environments. During the journey, Jin faces dangers such as wild animals and rough terrain. The second challenge is to confront Shu and his followers, who set out on Jin's trail to prevent him from finding the lost city. The climax of the novel occurs when Jin and his friends finally reach the lost city and discover an ancient secret that could change life in the village forever.

The key to the plot

In the novel's finale, it is revealed that the lost city was actually the birthplace of the village's ancestors, who had been forced to flee due to a natural disaster. The ancient secret consists of a source of clean, sustainable energy that the townspeople used to live in harmony with nature. Jin realizes that the discovery of this energy could improve life in the village and open up new possibilities for his community.

The final twist comes when it is revealed that Lao was actually one of the last survivors of the lost city and had guided Jin on his journey to ensure that knowledge of the energy source was not lost. With Mei's help, Jin manages to convince Shu of the importance of opening up to the outside world and adopting the new energy source. Shu, initially reluctant, finally agrees to change his views, recognizing that progress can be good for the community.

The characters are profoundly changed from the beginning of the novel.

Jin has overcome his fears, gained self-confidence, and discovered his purpose in life. Shu, once an authoritarian and closed-minded leader, learns to accept change and embrace new ideas for the good of the village. Mei, who at first was a shy young woman reluctant to put herself out there, becomes a key figure in convincing Shu and proves herself strong and courageous. Lao, the wise elder, finally sees his dream come true, ensuring that the knowledge of the lost city is preserved and used for the good of the community.


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