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Plot - Flight of the Hummingbird

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Macro photograph of a small blue-feathered hummingbird standing on top of a leafless twig.

Drama, love | Athens, 2022

Main characters

Daniel is an undergraduate, close to a doctorate in economics, a faculty decided by his parents, but which leaves him indifferent. When his degree is earned he will start working in his father's firm. In reality, Daniel is a young romantic, a dreamer, an idealist, an artist: he loves to paint. Rose is a girl from a good family who has studied acting, graduated from the academy and is looking for an opportunity, which never seems to come. Should she fail in her project she would be forced to move back in with her parents, but worse, she would have to adjust to following the family business.

The call to adventure

Fate crosses the paths of Daniel and Rose, both on vacation in Athens: two French boys in a foreign land. Daniel is struck by Rose's beauty and asks to paint her portrait. She agrees and for the entire night to come they are not separated.


Daniel confides in his new friend, tells her about his dream of wanting to become an artist and the reality that will soon see him a prisoner of his father's studio. Rosa also confides to Daniel, she is already certain that she will not succeed in her goal of becoming an actress. In her heart she knows that she will be forced to return home and submit to her parents' wishes. They both try to gain strength by telling each other who they are and what they would like to become and what awaits them instead.

The key to the plot

Everything takes place in a long night spent between the beauty of the city and the sea. Memories and desires will come together to lead Daniel and Rose to an important choice. At dawn they will choose whether to stay together and share fate or to separate and return to their parents and their wishes.

The alternatives

This plot is easily placed in other places or other times. The roles of the protagonists, or their lineages, or obligations, are also easily changed. A well-chosen location will be perfect for creating the background to the night the two young people experience.


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