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Incipit: The field of poppies

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The field of poppies


First person




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The field of poppies swayed caressed by the warm southern wind. The thousand red spots dotted the green of the tall grass, and swayed lazily in the gentle breeze. I thought they would be the ideal subject for a Monet painting, or for a group of tourists armed with cameras and camcorders. Or to take Patricia for a picnic, with the white linen tablecloth, Pedro's red wine the white porcelain dishes, and the pork roast. Then, one of my men raised his hand to ask my permission to start. I climbed onto the hood of the Jeep so that everyone could see me. Ten men and a hundred peasants.

“Vamos a movernos, hombres!” I shouted and a volley of machine guns followed my order.

The opium harvest had begun.

Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability for creating thriller, tension, detective, mystery stories. Medium adaptability for courtroom crime novels, action or non-genre.


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