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Incipit: The Cellar

Title: The Cellar

Narrator: First person

Primary Genre: Historical

Adaptability: 3 out of 5

The sirens had been sounding every night for two weeks. My mother would grab my sister and me, and we would flee to take shelter in Helmut's cellar, among the barrels and flasks. The British bombers flew over our village, heading towards Berlin. The elders in the village said it was over, that we would soon pay dearly for the Fuhrer's greed. I didn't always understand the meaning of their words, but I could feel the fear they conveyed. In the darkness of Helmut's cellar, we prayed with bowed heads, clasped hands, and closed eyes. Then, two, three, ten explosions roared above our heads. Dust and earth fell on us. My sister wet herself. I was seized with terror. When dawn came and we went out to see the light again: the village had disappeared. In its place, there were only smoking ruins and ash.

Adaptability: High adaptability for creating historical novels, non-fiction, psychological, dramatic, or suspenseful works. Good adaptability for action or coming-of-age stories.


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