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Incipit: Harper Manor

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A large abandoned mansion in the woods.


First person

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Harper Manor was a building that had been abandoned for decades. The gate that marked its boundary was covered with a layer of thick red rust, and what must have once been gardens had become an inextricable thicket of bushes and nettles. As far as could be seen from the sidewalk, the plasterwork was cracked and besieged by ivy. Some of the shutters had come loose and the windows appeared to be open. Jack said it was an uninhabited house, and that the owners had died years before. He also said that there were beautiful paintings and fine carpets inside. Therefore we decided to enter it on the night of August 12.


Incipit Adaptability

High adaptability for creating non-genre stories, psychological thrillers, mystery, tension, horror, fantasy, urban fantasy, horror, gothic. Possible high adaptability for detective novels.

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