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Incipit: Forrest Town

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Forrest Town


Third person

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Forrest Town was a village of five thousand souls set in the center of the Yorn Forest, hundreds of square miles of trees, trees, and nothing but trees. Everyone in the village had to deal with wood: those who cut it, those who transported it, those who sorted it. There were three carpentries, two furniture factories, three emporiums crammed with axes and chainsaws. There were also two small churches for confessing sins and a school for children. And an emergency room with a waiting room always packed with men in plaid shirts, dark faces, and a cut finger or splinter stuck somewhere. That's why Nurse Lory Ann was surprised when a stranger walked through the front door with an Indian arrow stuck in his shoulder.


High adaptability for creating mystery, thriller or action novels. Medium adaptability for dystopian, dramatic, urban fantasy stories.

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