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Creation of Nonhuman Characters

We at WriTribe have developed a 'visual' method to inspire writers in the creation of nonhuman characters, capturing the essence of robots, fantasy animals, sci-fi organisms, fairy tale figures and pure fantasy creatures. The power of a visual muse in the creative process is amazing.

We offer writers access to a vast collection of AI-generated portraits, meticulously categorized to facilitate the search for the perfect face. These include a selection of non-human faces and forms ready to inspire the creation of unique and extraordinary characters.

This initial inspiration phase allows writers to visualize and then better conceptualize their nonhuman characters, providing a solid foundation for more detailed development.

Once a nonhuman character's face or form is chosen, the creative journey can continue with defining the physical and psychological traits that make the character authentic and fascinating. WriTribe's comprehensive support system helps writers refine their characters by offering options for details such as unique body features, special abilities, names, as well as distinctive behaviors, fears, and desires. This customization ensures that each character is not only visually unique, but also narratively rich.

In addition, WriTribe enriches this creative exploration by introducing ancestral archetypes and fantasy narrative patterns, ensuring that personalities are consistent with plot roles. This holistic approach gives writers all the tools they need to bring their characters to life as vividly and authentically as possible.

The image galleries we publish on the WriTribe blog are more than just a collection of faces and shapes: they are sources of inspiration, starting points for writers who wish to explore the creation of nonhuman characters. Through this innovative method, WriTribe strives to empower writers, helping them create characters that resonate, inspire, and remain etched in the hearts and minds of readers.



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