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Characters: physical build

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The physical description of characters in a novel is pivotal as it not only provides a visual anchor for the reader's imagination but also subtly conveys the characters' lifestyle, personality, and the world they inhabit. A character's build can hint at their past, suggest traits like strength or fragility, and set the stage for their interactions within the story. This aspect of storytelling enriches the narrative, making the characters more relatable and the story more immersive.

  1. Angular and slender, narrow shoulders.

  2. Short stature, sturdy legs.

  3. Athletic and sculpted physique.

  4. Sturdy, powerful arms.

  5. Fragile as a blade of grass.

  6. Generous curves, wide hips.

  7. Of ordinary stature, elongated torso.

  8. Lanky, legs like stilts.

  9. Petite and delicate, fine shoulders.

  10. Imposing, well-defined muscles.

  11. Curvy, with soft sinuosity.

  12. Short stature, solid balance.

  13. Medium height, swimmer's shoulders.

  14. Towering, noble bearing.

  15. Bulky, broad chest.

  16. Agile, well-developed musculature.

  17. Swan neck, slim physique.

  18. Bowed legs, peculiar walk.

  19. Stocky, strong legs.

  20. Average height, extended arms.

  21. Delicate features, light physique.

  22. Lean, square shoulders.

  23. Corpulent, prominent belly.

  24. Slender, porcelain wrists.

  25. Crane-like, very long legs.

  26. Short stature, toned body.

  27. Tall, model-like bearing.

  28. Streamlined, slim legs.

  29. Medium height, solid physique.

  30. Imposing, huge hands.

  31. Slender, thread-like arms.

  32. Short, conspicuous feet.

  33. Toned, bull neck.

  34. Thin, wasp waist.

  35. Medium height, stylized legs.

  36. Bulky, hunched shoulders.

  37. Stocky, agile as a cat.

  38. Statuesque, lean physique.

  39. Sinuous, natural curves.

  40. Medium height, short torso.

  41. Slender, curved shoulders.

  42. Toned, broad chest.

  43. Corpulent, squat legs.

  44. Light as a breath of wind.

  45. Gentle giant, broad shoulders.

  46. Short, thin waist.

  47. Slender physique, sprightly legs.

  48. Balanced, medium height.

  49. Tall, relaxed posture.

  50. Corpulent, round face.



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