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Characters: Exploring the Philosophy of Life

Striking image representing a character's life philosophy. The background features a diverse landscape with elements symbolizing various philosophies such as minimalism, hedonism, and stoicism. Icons like a simple house for minimalism, a wine glass for hedonism, and a statue for stoicism are present. The central figure reflects on these symbols, with a contemplative and serene expression. The title 'Personaggi: Exploring Life Philosophy' is elegantly written at the top.


A character's philosophy of life represents his or her general approach to existence, deep-seated beliefs and worldview. This characteristic is important because it determines how a character faces challenges, makes decisions, and interacts with others. Life philosophy can strongly influence a character's internal consistency and evolution throughout the story.

A well-defined life philosophy can be combined with other characteristics such as values, personality, and goals to create consistent and believable characters. It can also conflict with the life philosophies of other characters, generating interesting tensions and dynamics.


Variants of life philosophy

  1. Epicureanism

  2. Stoicism

  3. Materialism

  4. Idealism

  5. Existentialism

  6. Pragmatism

  7. Nihilism

  8. Spirituality

  9. Humanism

  10. Fatalism

  11. Pessimism

  12. Optimism

  13. Relativism

  14. Absolutism

  15. Scientism

  16. Traditionalism

  17. Modernism

  18. Postmodernism

  19. Romanticism

  20. Realism

  21. Minimalism

  22. Hedonism

  23. Altruism

  24. Egocentrism

  25. Empiricism

  26. Rationalism

  27. Naturalism

  28. Supernaturalism

  29. Deism

  30. Theism

  31. Atheism

  32. Agnosticism

  33. Skepticism

  34. Ecologism

  35. Transhumanism

  36. Individualism

  37. Collectivism

  38. Determinism

  39. Libertarianism

  40. Pacifism


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