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Plot - The Priestess of the Rio

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A cinematic 16:9 image depicting a scene from an urban fantasy adventure. In the foreground, Bastian, a young, athletic man, and Gregor, his sturdy companion, stand before a large, ancient temple shrouded in vines and mist in the Amazon rainforest. The temple glows subtly, suggesting supernatural occurrences. The lush, dense jungle surrounding them adds a sense of foreboding and heightens the adventure and danger of their quest.

Literary genre of the plot: Urban Fantasy | Berlin, 2022

Main characters

Bastian is in his third year of medical school at the University of Berlin. He is a bright, athletic young man from a good family. Klaudia is Bastian's fiancée, a freelance naturist photographer who often travels on the hunt for special shots to sell to industry reveals. Bastian and Klaudia live together and are in love with each other. They plan a future together of children, travel and serenity.

The call to adventure

During a photographic reportage in the Amazon rainforest, Klaudia is missing. Searches are activated, which lead to nothing. After about two months, local authorities find some scraps of Klaudia's clothes and assume she was murdered, closing the investigation. Bastian makes no peace about the disappearance; he believes the search was superficial, but leaving Berlin to go to the Amazon would mean leaving everything behind without certainty.

Until Klaudia appears to him in a dream requesting his help, revealing that she has been kidnapped by a cult and providing him with some directions. Upon awakening everything is so vivid and surreal. He understands that she must be alive and decides to leave.

The conflict

Bastian's rescue of Klaudia appears to be madness in the eyes of everyone: her parents, sister, professors, and even friends. Bastian himself is hesitant, but the vision of Klaudia comes up again, even sharper: the missing girlfriend gives him precise directions to be found. Bastian sets out to rescue the girl.

Unexpectedly, he is joined by his closest friend, Gregor. From landing in Rio De Janeiro to finding the temple in the Amazon rainforest, Bastian and Gregor must overcome many trials: some will try to kill them, others will try to cheat them, but the two are brave and determined.

The key

The two young men manage to reach the temple and discover the truth: Klaudia is the High Priestess announced by an ancient prophecy. Her destiny is to summon the forces of evil to invade the earth, but a sentient part of the girl opposes this fate. Bastian and Gregor must stop the dark part that pervades her and defeat the natives who protect her. Bastian wants his Klaudia back with him no matter what. It is an impossible task, but one that will succeed instead through the power of love and friendship.

The alternatives

Urban Fantasy plots lay on simple frames and almost always have young and beautiful protagonists. Try experimenting: change the location, and the age, gender, and background of the characters. Insert an antagonist, perhaps a very bad one, into the scheme. Create conditions for the betrayal of a friend.


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