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Plot - Beyond the Mountains

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a mountain range, with three mountain fronts following each other, all covered with dense green vegetation.

Literary genre of the plot: Historical Drama | Spain - 1955

Main characters

The story centers on two Spanish siblings, Miguel and Sofia, ages eight and six, who live with their family in a small town in Spain. Their lives, and the lives of many, have changed with the establishment of the Francoists.

Yet the village community manages to ignore the dictatorship and let time pass as if nothing has changed, aware that the reality is very different. The head of the family, Aureliano, is an opponent of the dictatorship and does not fail to voice his dissent whenever he can: he believes that opposition and resistance are the only weapons a people possess to overcome dictatorship.

The call to adventure

One winter night a Francoist patrol attacks their village and kills Miguel and Sofia's parents.

Their nanny, Isabella, manages to hide them and, with great courage, begins an adventure that manages to lead them across the border, accompanying them all the way to Italy.

Once in Italy, the children are disoriented and frightened.

They do not understand the language and feel alone and lost in a foreign country. They are first taken in by a group of nuns, who take care of them. However, due to the precarious political situation and the convent's economic difficulties, Miguel and Sofia are then transferred to an orphanage.

The conflict

In the orphanage, Miguel and Sofia are constantly tormented by homesickness and the fear of being separated. Unfortunately, their nightmare comes true when they are adopted by two different Italian families and separated from each other.

Miguel, in particular, is devastated by the loss of his sister and feels responsible for her safety and well-being. After a period of adjustment to his new family, Miguel finds out from a parental argument with the director of the orphanage where his sister lives.

He decides to flee and embark on a journey to find Sofia. During his journey, Miguel faces many obstacles, including loneliness, hunger, and cold, but his determination to find his sister keeps him strong and focused on his goal.

The Key

After much searching and adventure, Miguel finally manages to track down Sofia, who lives with her new family in a distant city. The touching and long-awaited reunion between the two siblings is filled with emotion and hope for a better future together.

However, the twist comes when the two children's adoptive families, both loving and caring, decide to reunite and live in the same building to form a single family and to allow Miguel and Sofia to grow up together, while retaining ties to the people who took them in and loved them during their separation.

The story ends with the two siblings who, although they have gone through difficult and traumatic experiences, manage to find the strength and courage to move on and build a new life together, surrounded by the love and support of their adoptive families.

The plot highlights the resilience and fortitude of the two siblings, despite the hardships and difficulties they faced during their young lives. The story is permeated with themes such as brotherly love, finding one's identity, hope and the power of forgiveness.

The characters of Miguel and Sofia grow and mature through their experiences, learning to overcome obstacles and find the courage to face the challenges that life throws at them. Despite the difficulties, the two children manage to find the strength to move forward and build a new life together, surrounded by the love and support of their adoptive families.


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